After Hour Calls


In “life threatening” situations, you should always call 911 for immediate assistance and transport to the nearest Emergency Room.

We provide 24 hour telephone coverage for unexpected, urgent and emergent medical problems that occur after hours and cannot wait until our office reopens. Unless you have a life-threatening emergency, we strongly recommended that you call us to discuss your problem before going to a Minute Clinic, Treatment Center or Emergency Room.

You may reach our “Provider-On-Call” by dialing our regular office number, 847-462-5100. Your call will automatically be transferred to our After Hours On Call Center. You will be asked to spell your name and give a brief description of your problem. When prompted, you must use your telephone keypad to enter in your callback telephone number. If you simply speak your number and do not use the keypad, our provider may not be able to return your call.

We return most calls within 30 minutes. Please keep your telephone line available for a prompt response, and have your pharmacy telephone number ready in case a prescription needs to be called in. If you do not receive a call back within 30 minutes, call again to ensure that your message and callback number were received and correctly forwarded.

In the event that our office telephone system is down and you cannot get through on our main line, you may contact the On Call Center directly at 866-855-8350. This number should only be used if your after hours call to our primary office telephone number is not transferred directly to the Call Center.

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